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Plastic welding machine

Plastic welding machine

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Have you ever broken any plastic things? I thought so, then there are 2 of us.

Fear not, it is possible to glue them back together. With this machine, you simply melt staples into the plastic, which stays in place as a kind of reinforcement. The crack will more or less disappear if the job is done well and it will be almost as strong.

How it works:

Insert a pin into the machine, press the trigger and wait until the pin is hot. Press the pin into the plastic, but not all the way through.

Release the trigger and wait until the plastic has hardened again (usually a few seconds) put several pins close together for a stronger connection.

Cut off the ends that stick out with a nipper. File down sharp edges if possible and necessary, finish with some sandpaper for a perfect result

Use different staples ten different angles and turns. Thin pins (0.6mm) are best on thin plastic, while the thick ones (0.8mm) are better when there is more plastic goods.

If you can't find a pin that fits, just bend it.

Works on almost all plastics, car bumpers, toys, plastic barrels, motorbike parts, snowmobiles and boats (although obviously not waterproof) agriculture, house articles, chairs, tables, gutters, yes just keep going

Cracked some plastic on the used car? After a bit of training with this, it's hard to tell that it's broken, and wants to stay just as strong!

We with broken plastic things love this, now it's not a problem anymore. Especially on things that are not so easy to get hold of anymore. Used it myself now on, among other things, a chain guide for an old MC for which it is difficult to get hold of parts. Works great.

Don't throw away the plastic thing until you have to, try this one first!
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