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SWISS TECH 17 in 1 multi-tool

SWISS TECH 17 in 1 multi-tool

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Everything you need in one! Here you can find most things to fix a number of small and large jobs. 17 tools in one. If this doesn't work, simply collect the entire tool box

Cut, rope or nail a wood chip, tilt the knife out with one hand. Locks automatically with an audible click. With one hand again close the knife and continue with the job.

2 knives, one with a serration for rough jobs that require a little extra, and a normal knife for everything else. Saw and file are also on the outside so you don't have to open the tool.

On the inside is the most obvious pliers, it has a fine beak pliers, normal all-purpose pliers, straight cutter and inner rounded cutter and cleans cables and wires.

There are also a number of screwdrivers, box and bottle openers, box openers or fish hook, short tape measure and scissors.

Try and get all this in your pocket! It doesn't work. Everything is easily accessible here, and it works when you need it

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